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Rivista del Vetro | La Tecnica Nel Vetro

The Family Tradition of La Tecnica Nel Vetro has been awarded by a very rich reportage published in the prestigious monthly magazine “Rivista del Vetro”, by Flavio della Muzia.
The reportage conducted directly in the company was an interesting journey to discover how the artisan knowledge of the family shop, has joined investments in technological innovation, human resources, research and facilities, leading to international success.

The business climbing in the market of top quality flat glass by La Tecnica Nel Vetro is a case that has affected the whole environment. Rivista del Vetro told the fascinating story of the Gargiulo brothers, artisans and glass entrepreneurs who, from the south of Italy, set out to conquer the world markets, building their fortune with skill and commitment. The company has given many satisfactions, capitalizing on an experience of over 15 years of activity and, once achieved level goals, has decided to relaunch, with significant investments that allow an increasingly innovative and qualitatively unsurpassable production.

The article tells how, in 2013, La Tecnica nel Vetro took over the Mexall Glass in Scafati (SA), acquiring a new factory of about 8 thousand square meters and, after a brief period of settling, it started again by betting strongly on innovation. . The purchase of the Glaston FC500 tempering furnace and of numerous other equipment for obtaining painted glass, silk-screened glass and other high-end products is testimony to the new course of La Tecnica in Vetro, towards a future to be built.