Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium Ravello

Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium Ravello

Mirrored glass, curved with custom dimensions, designed for one of the most important and prestigious works of the Brazilian architect Oscar Neimeyer.

The Auditorium, built in the center of Ravello, boasts a futuristic design, designed to integrate the structure in the magnificent setting of the Amalfi Coast.

The interior of the Oscar Neimeyer Auditorium is designed to maximize the acoustics, allowing the entire audience to fully enjoy the performances of the artists who perform there. La Tecnica Nel Vetro contributes in a decisive way to thermally and soundly isolate the structure, ensuring high levels of comfort to those who use it.

Project Description

Client: Cianciolo Group
Location: Ravello, Italy
Year Completed: 2010
Architect: Oscar Niemeyer