Expo Milan 2015

Expo Milan 2015

La Tecnica Nel Vetro has been protagonist at Expo 2015 Milan, in one of the most important planetary events of the century. Custom glass components were essential for the realization of the projects of the ENEL Pavilion and of the much-visited Hungarian Pavilion.

Both projects realized by Cianciolo Group, have been built with large panels and customized shapes, in stratified and tempered glass, for the structural realization of the pavilions and the design furniture of their interior spaces.

The structure of the ENEL Pavilion is an authentic synthesis of art and architectural merit, where the silk-screened glasses are perfectly bound to steel and metal structures and supports, to give life to agile and surprising curvilinear shapes.

The precise cuts and shapes of the double-glazing units used for the construction of the characteristic round structural façade of the Hungarian Pavilion are a perfect synthesis of the potential of La Tecnica Nel Vetro. A team of engineers and experienced technicians takes full advantage of the potential of ultra-modern systems, to be able to best meet any request or need of those who design and build with glass.

Project Description

Client: Cianciolo Group
Location: Expo Milan 2015