Glass Curtain Wall

Glass Curtain Wall

Alongside JS Dimech, one of our most respected international partners, we have created the components for a modern, continuous glass facade for a building located in the heart of the island of Malta.

The continuous glass structural facades are an increasingly used element in construction. The advantages of glass, compared to traditional reinforced concrete roofs, are innumerable. The insulating glass panels, applied on a customized structure, allow the creation of more agile, light and at the same time performing structures.

The glass structural façades are perfect to give a prestigious design to buildings with anti-seismic and wind-proof features, able to withstand atmospheric phenomena and to create maximum living comfort inside, thanks to the precious characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The glass panels for continuous structural facades produced by La Tecnica Nel Vetro base their quality on an experience of years and dozens of projects alongside world-leading face artists. An uninterrupted development path, allows us to produce next-generation evolved glass, soon available also for customized structural curtain walls, thanks to the innovative digital printer with ceramic paints on tempered glass.

Project Description

Client: JS Dimech
Location: Malta
Year Completed: 2017