Regione Puglia Headquarter

Regione Puglia Headquarter

The new Puglia Regional Council Headquarter uses glass as the main structural component for the external perimeter roof of the building. The towers – whose external continuous façade is entirely made of glass – alternate with parts made of glass and metal. All the components are supplied by La Tecnica Nel Vetro and have been produced using customized industrial processing cycles, to guarantee the customer the maximum customization.

Continuous structural façade with insulating double glazing composed of:

Tempered laminated glass 1010.4 HP Neutral 50/32

Duct 16 mm – Chamber with Argon gas 90%

88.4 Tempered Extraclear Reinforced with heat treatment + HST

Customized processing for inserting Faraone assembly accessories

Project Description

Client: Guastamacchia spa
Location: Bari (Italy)
Surface Area: 9750 sqm - 105.000 sqft
Year Completed: 2018