Afragola Train Station

Afragola Train Station

Being protagonists with our glasses of a great work that values ​​Campania is, for us, a source of pride that is independent from any business logic and reminds us how gratifying it is to feel satisfied with your work.

La Tecnica Nel Vetro glass have been installed to cover the revolutionary roof of the High Speed ​​Railway Station of Afragola, designed by the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid (Pritzker Prize 2004 and the Stirling Prize in both 2010 and 2011).

At the inauguration – held by the President of the Council Gentiloni – the station of Afragola has already been indicated by many as the most beautiful railway station in the world. Classifications aside, the great work designed by Zaha Hadid is the symbol of a region that grows in innovation and prestige, in the name of quality. La Tecnica Nel Vetro shares these values and – thanks to this production philosophy – has been chosen to supply the glass components of the revolutionary roof signed by Zaha Hadid.

Project Description

Client: ALPHA AS S.R.L.
Location: Afragola - Italy
Year Completed: 2017
Architect: Zaha Hadid