vetri monolitici la tecnica nel vetro
Monolithic Glass

Monolithic Glass Max. Size 6.000 x 3.210 mm.

Vetri Monolitici
  • MAX. SIZE: 6.000 x 3.210 mm
  • TICKNESS: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm
  • FINISHING: Raw – Polished – Rounded Edge
  • CUSTOM: Holes – Custom Edge
  • HEAT TREATMENT: Tempered – HST (Heat Soak Test)
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Tempered + HST (optional) Monolithic Glass

Monolithic glass is the single component used in La Tecnica Nel Vetro products. Monolithic glass can be made more resistant by heat treatment and, in particular, by the tempering process. Our production department is equipped with a Glaston FC 500 tempering furnace for monolithic glass processing. The Heat Soak Test (HST) is also available on tempered monolithic glass.
Tempered + HST glass sheets are generally used to make layered and insulating units. Monolithic glass La Tecnica In Vetro are also available in paste colors and customized through artistic processes such as glazing, screen printing or digital printing on glass.

Painted Glass

Colored glass are used to create monolithic glass useful as design elements for interiors and exteriors. Colored glass has solar control properties (which can also be calculated in relation to the thickness of the glass). Colored monoliths are also used in the production of insulating and structural glazing, in which performance and aesthetic characteristics are perfectly combined.

Available Colors
Vetri Monolitici Colorati
palazzo in vetro colorato