vetri smaltati e vetri artistici

Product Features

Enamelled glass by roller can be tempered. One side of the glass is coated with ceramic frit, permanently fixed by tempering.

The enamelling process can be applied on laminated, safety or monolithic glass. The ceramic paint coating can be associated with an extra clear transparent float and on colored float glass in thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 19 mm.

Customers can choose a fully opaque glazing, a partial lining or a custom frame edging.

Glass ceramic coatings are applied to the glass using a roller with a thickness of 40 microns. The available colors are varied. On the right there are some of the most popular colors proposed by La Tecnica Nel Vetro. In addition to this, customers can request customized colors, using the standard RAL color chart.

vetri smaltati tabella colori
  • Max. Size

    6.000 mm X 3.210 mm

  • Tempered + HST


  • Custom Size


  • Applications